Monday, September 16, 2019

Ancestral Clearing Improved my Marriage

IMPROVED MY MARRIAGE: My first Ancestral Clearing was 5 months ago with Ariana. I didn't know that I was carrying intensity of my Grandmother's grief and anger from seeing her husband murdered after WWII in Poland in her own home when my mom was 5 years old. I was carrying their rage at the man that murdered my grandfather. I could never understand why I was always fighting with any relationship with men. I processed the intensity of this trauma and cried for several days after the session. Then I started to see my relationship to my mother differently, and my relationship to my husband changed. Growing up, my relationship with my mother was hard and difficult. After this session, I realized my mother's life was really hard and traumatic and that was why she was so hard and angry and it wasn't that she didn't love me. The anger that I had in me was not my pain, it was my mom's and my grandmother's pain and anger. When I released this, my relationship softened with my husband. Even my husband says, I am so much more sweet and calm and loving. I have had two more sessions since this one, and my life is so peaceful and loving and I don't feel like I have to fight anymore for anything. - A.S.

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